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Protocol Contagion by Franco Fracassi

Protocol Contagion by Franco Fracassi

Covid-19 was not an unpredictable tsunami. Those who knew of its arrival did so, months, years in advance. And, despite everything, they did nothing. Covid-19 represents the fiercest, most short-sighted defeat of politics in the 21st century. On a global, continental, national and regional level. If we don't want it to happen again, we have to realise that what happened is our fault, the fault of our lifestyles and the fault of the multinationals that govern those lifestyles. "Contagion Protocol" is also the first investigative book whose sources are verified and certified by WREP.EU (European Web Reporter Registry). All sources are available at and have been legally certified with blockchain technology.


About the Author. -Franco Fracassi, journalist for 32 years. Expert in geopolitics and communication. For 28 years he has been carrying out investigations into Italian and international mysteries. For 16 years he has been a war reporter. He has worked for Italian and international newspapers, as well as a photographer. He is the author of 15 film documentaries, distributed all over the world, including "Zero, inquiry on September 11" and "The Summit". He won the Nastro d'Argento and the Eurasia Festival. He has written 16 books, including "Fourth Reich", "Monte dei Paschi" and "Colpo di Stato"(Power Grab).

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